The Asia Tech Awards 2019 Winners List

The best devices of 2019 have been revealed!

We’re reaching the end of the year, and what better way to greet it than to not just review the best products of the year, but to actually award them. As such, we at Stuff Malaysia have come up with the Asia Tech Awards to acknowledge the greatest of tech this year. Here’s what you should know about it!

What is the Asia Tech Awards?

The Asia Tech Awards (ATA) is a digital-based initiative and campaign that will index the best consumer technology products that are accessible by Southeast Asian citizens. This year's list of winners is compiled by the Stuff Malaysia/Asia team, and as such, we will be revealing our top winners on this website and which feature products you should look out for. 

2019 is the inaugural year for ATA and our winners are decided based on four key criteria: 

  • Market Availability

  • Design & Innovation

  • Sustainability

  • Brand Foundation

What to look out for

We will be sharing our feature star products with in-depth reviews that reveal why they won in their respective categories. You can also recognise a winner based on our ATA logo which will also be placed on the winning devices!


The winners of ATA 2019

Our list of ATA winners have been revealed! You can view our winners on our official Asia Tech Awards website, as well as find out more about our winners on our Stuff website soon!