Archt Mini 360 degree wireless speaker roars into existence at CES 2016

Available from Q2 2016, with an upcoming crowdfunding event for backers in March

It’s easy to lose sight of the things that truly matter during CES 2016. Or for that matter, be drowned in the noise.

Hence, you might have missed out on Archt Audio’s newly announced portable wireless speaker. Simply named Archt Mini, this is the smaller sibling to its earlier Archt One audio system. Likewise, this is a 360 degree wireless speaker, connected to your mobile things via Bluetooth, with a 3.5mm audio port if wireless connection isn’t your thing.

The new Mini bangs a lot on its bass delivery, promising deep soothing sounds that go as low as 40Hz in frequency. That translates to low levels that has the correct volume, without the muffled side-effect of deep bass systems.

Its audio prowess is rated at 65W, which packs quite a punch for a speaker that’s slightly bigger than a palm. While the 1.2kg weight is seemingly hefty, the solid feel and aluminum body gives the speaker that extra premium look.

Capacitive touch controls is the link between you and the sound system, though you can also opt for the app to remotely control the Mini. As a portable speaker, it comes with its own internal battery, capable of powering it for up to 12 hours.

You don’t have to worry about disconnected calls either, since the Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated microphone turns the Mini into a handsfree device for your smartphone.

Crowdfunding enthusiasts who want some extra goodies can also look forward to the Mini’s crowdfunding phase, which starts from March 2016. And it’s not too steep either, priced at US$299 and available from the second quarter of 2016.