This app’s named Wiper and it wipes out proof of your chats

It helps you cover your tracks and get rid of messages and photos for good
This app’s named Wiper and it wipes out proof of your chats

Ever sent a bunch of hurtful messages or (ahem) engaged in some illicit messaging activity with someone and wished there was a way to revoke them? Or, have you been searching for an app that offers more privacy for such things? Well, whatever the case, with this app, you now can.

Called Wiper, this recently launched free messaging app does more than be just another app messaging service along the likes of WhatsApp, SnapChat, or Kik. Because what sets it apart from the plethora of such apps is its focus on privacy and security.

It claims to be so secure that it deletes content from your phone, the content receiver’s phone and the server it was up on.

Now, let’s get one thing straight – this app doesn’t erase content you send via text messaging or from other messaging services; it only does it for content sent using its app. You can send any sort of messages, videos, and snaps, or make phone calls, but when you need to flush it out, all you need to do is just tap a button. 

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What happens on the back end

This app’s named Wiper and it wipes out proof of your chats

If you need to know how it actually works, any texts you send or calls you make is secured by end-to-end encryption. But many have argued that they’re not impossible to hack so you’ve still got to be careful of what you send over it. But on the server end, Wiper’s not giving up its secrets.  

In addition, the app doesn’t allow you to take screenshots (it does in the iOS version only and if you take one, it sends the person on the other end a notification).

So if you’re ready to share the load of determining how long your tête-à-tête stays around with your friend, maybe you should migrate over to Wiper.

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