Apple's working on serving up the latest movies to iTunes super early

Skip the cinemas and wait just two weeks after official release

It looks like you can forgo the cinemas to just iTunes and chill, if Apple has something to say about it.

The company is currently in talks to get the latest movies onto iTunes as early as two weeks after release.

Forget about cinema screening times

What would having new movies mean for Apple customers? For starters, the movies would be fresh enough you can just skip the cinema queues and not have to wait for official DVD releases.

The price won't be as cheap as current iTunes downloads; they'll likely be priced higher at US$25 (RM111) or so. It might sound steep but it might appeal to those with families as that is still cheaper and less of a hassle than coralling children at the cinema.

Those with great home entertainment setups at home might also enjoy watching the latest films from the comfort of their living rooms, which would probably beat the average cinema seat. Added bonus: no annoying people talking to each other or on their phones while you enjoy your movie.

A deal like this could also boost Apple TV pickup, finally giving consumers a really good reason to choose it over Google's Chromecast.

We breathily await this development with popcorn in hand.