Apple's secret plan to make the iPhone the ultimate selfie-machine

Code reveals possibility of adding front-facing flash

Developer Hamzah Sood who was sharp-eyed enough to notice code that foreshadowed Apple's TouchID, has spotted more interesting things in iOS code. It seems that Apple might be planning to improve on the phototaking capability of the next iPhone.

Sood's observations from the iOS 9 beta suggest that Apple could be adding a flash to its front camera and other abilities previously only available to the back camera, including:

  • The ability to record 240 FPS slow motion videos
  • The ability to record video in 1080p
  • Panoramic shots

With selfies becoming the rage these days, especially with the advent of Instagram, it makes sense that Apple would want to up its photographic capabilities. Anything that gives us less crappy selfies is definite plus.

[Source: The Verge]