Apple's next iPhone could have a 3D camera

An LG/Apple tie-up could see one heck of an iPhone 8 camera

We're expecting big things from the iPhone 8 and the latest rumour points at some interesting things for its camera.

LG this time?

Sony has usually been the king of smartphone camera sensors but this time Apple might be working with LG.

What this new camera collab will produce is a 3D camera - think something that could work by helping people create their own 3D image or at the least, add more dimension to current shots.

This might mean an upgrade to the Plus model, which always gets the best camera of the iPhone range. Maybe a souped up Portrait mode that works better than the current dual-camera setup? Dual-cams have become all the rage on smartphones this year and have proven a success story for Huawei.

It seems that LG has its own Innotek camera with 3D technology and Apple wants to see how it can fit its own 3D technology with LG's camera.

Apple also recently acquired 3D mapping firm Linx, which might mean Apple has some interesting plans that could include 3D imagery and mapping. Perhaps it could be coming up with an Apple Maps to rule them all?

If all this works out, there's going to be a lot to look forward to when the iPhone 8 comes out so here's hoping Apple doesn't disappoint this time.

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[Source: GizmoChina]