Apple’s iPhone ad shows off health gadgets instead of an iWatch

The iDevice maker is upping its push into the health space with gadgets and apps that motivate, train and track
Apple’s iPhone ad shows off health gadgets instead of an iWatch

The tech industry is currently obsessed with fitness – if you don’t believe us, the Samsung Gear Fit, TomTom’s new sport watches, LG’s Lifeband Touch, as well as Acer’s Liquid Leap are all a testament to it.

And Apple doesn’t want to be left behind.

Proving that it too is serious about integrating its technology into helping you attain your svelte figure and eradicating that chicken fat it’s released a new iPhone ad that showcases a number of fitness related apps and gadgets, when we were expecting something that included its rumoured iWatch.

The ad shows a bunch of people engaged in different forms of exercise using apps on the iPhone and some sport gadgets that pair with it. It’s also backed by a classic song called “Chicken Fat” (hence our earlier reference) which frankly, we never heard of before until today.

Many tools, one function

We saw what looked like the Misfit Shine, Zepp Golf sensor, Wahoo bike sensor, Withings scale, Nike+ running, Argus, and Strong Lifts products and apps on the ad. You should be able to identify them too – if you scrutinise the products carefully and aren’t distracted by their activities.

And the ad’s release timing is noteable, too – Apple recently revealed its Health apps and Healthkit at WWDC 2014, during its presentation of iOS 8. Although there was no mention of the iWatch, we’re not complaining – we got to see a bunch of tools that can be used with the iPhone for now.  

Besides the fact is that we actually find “Chicken Fat” pretty catchy. 

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