Surprise, Apple's AirPods now on sale on Apple Store

UPDATE: After delays, Apple's finally ready to share its wireless earphones

UPDATE 14/12/2016: Delay, what delay? The Apple AirPods are now on sale on the Apple Store.

If you've been waiting on the earphones for your iPhone 7/7 Plus, now would be a good time to order to get them before the end of the year. Shipping is estimated to take around two weeks, barring hold-ups due to the Christmas rush.

Priced at RM849, the earphones are anything but cheap but we found the earphones to offer audio quality to match Apple's wired versions while offering convenience and great integration with iOS.

Christmas is saved?

The AirPods were initially expected in October, alongside the launch of Apple's new MacBooks.

Saying it "needed more time", Apple shelved the release of the AirPods till further notice.

The absence of a dedicated earphone jack, though the included Lightning to 3.5mm adapter with iPhones will help, was one mark against the new iPhones. The AirPods have received mixed reviews so far, with some lauding the ingenious software while some found the aesthetics somewhat offputting.

There have been reports of preproduction units showing some physical issues and perhaps that is what Apple is trying to address before officially putting the product on market.

If Apple plans to justify the predictably steep pricing of the new wireless earphones, especially with the competition from other wireless earphone makers, it makes sense that it took a little more time to perfect it rather than rush it just to meet shopping season.

Have a look at our hands-on review of the AirPods to help you decide if you plan to put them on your wishlist.