Apple working with Trent Reznor to refine new music service

Apple's alternative to Spotify will have no free tier, you'll have to pay for entry

Apple buying over Beats looks like a way to shore up its iTunes offering, seeing how now streaming is beating out traditional means of music distribution. The latest news from the New York Times confirms some of the rumours that have been circulating, with an extra piece of information - Trent Reznor has a hand in the Beats redesign.

Not cheaper, sorry

Apparently, Apple has tried to negotiate a lower subscription fee but is forced to offer up something similar to its competition. So expect to pay around US$10 a month for the privilege to stream music from Apple.

It seems that Apple could debut the service in a coming iOS update and Jimmy Iovine, the co-founder of Beats with Dr.Dre is giving his input on fine-tuning iTunes Radio.

There have been no leaks so far about the actual interface or what features the new service will have. We'll just have to see if this new rebranded Beats will be the next Spotify.

[Source: New York Times]