Apple working on its own ARM chip for its laptops

UPDATE: The added chip could be appearing very, very soon

If you decided to skip the latest Apple MacBook Pro, you might be keener on the update coming soon that will offer higher-end specs.

Early criticism of the MacBook Pro was that it went up to a maximum of 16GB of RAM and the need for dongles for additional ports. The bad news is, the next update will still keep to its minimal port design but the good news? The new model will support 32GB of RAM.

UPDATE 2/2/2016: Bloomberg reported that Apple could be working on its own ARM chips for its Macbook Pros, with said chips appearing as early as this year. The chips will not replace its Intel chips, but be used alongside them to handle specific processes such as the laptop's low-power mode functions.

Apple already has its own T1 ARM chip that powers the Touch Bar. The new one will likely be connected to other parts, including wireless components as well as storage. The company does not have plans to abandon Intel chips entirely, but by building its own chips for certain functions it can manage better costs as well as hardware/software integration. 

Power for the pros

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote a note to investors saying he expected the next MacBook Pro to have not just Intel's Kaby Lake processors but include support for up to 32GB RAM.

Why does the amount of RAM matter? For power users (e.g. video editors), extra RAM matters. T

Current MacBook Pros with Intel Skylake CPUs support only LPDDR memory up to 16GB - more than that would need more power, thus reducing battery space. 

What might happen is that Apple upgrades to using LPDDR4 or DDR4L memory instead that will allow higher memory allocations while not causing too much of an impact on power and battery.

When will these laptops arrive? Likely the earliest Apple will start production is the third quarter of this year. So if you're planning on a new MacBook, you could either wait for Apple to discount last year's models when the new ones come out or save your money for the new laptops instead. 

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[Source: AppleInsider]