Apple wooing big names such as Drake, Pharell and David Guetta for iTunes Radio

Apple is trying to beat Tidal with its own roster of star power

According to a report, Apple has been in talks with several artists, including Drake, Pharell Williams, and DJ David Guetta to guest DJ on the new iTunes Radio. And within the same report, it says that following the hire of DJ Zane Lowe, Drake’s deal could be worth around US$19 million.

Aside from that, the report also states the free trial for the Beats based streaming service will be for only three months. Apple is actually pushing for record labels to provide music to the company for the three months for free. We are not sure if this push will go through as the debut is scheduled on June 8 but it seems that Apple is keen on pushing it on till the deadline.

Also, as reported earlier this year, Apple has been hard at work on a new version of iTunes Radio and its “Apple Music” streaming service for both Apple and Android devices. Although Apple initially wanted to sell the subscriptions for US$8 monthly, but due to push back from labels means that it'll more likely cost US$10. The iOS 8.4 Music app will be providing the service and will have a deep, Ping-like social integration for artists and will be available internationally.

[source : 9to5 Mac]