Apple will repair your faulty iPhone 6 Plus for a fee

It'll even reimburse you if you paid more than Apple's fee for previous repairs

Looks like Apple is admitting to the existence of Touch Disease by rolling out a repair program.

The catch is that the repair program isn't free and that it applies only to the iPhone 6 Plus.

Worldwide program

As previously reported, users have experienced issues with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that had to do with displays that stopped working.

According to the Apple webpage on the repair procedures, the models covered are iPhone 6 Plus devices that are used up to "five years after the first retail sale of the unit". Given that the iPhone 6 Plus was launched back in September 2014, you can rest assured your unit will still be covered even if you're not its first owner.

The question is why does this directive only involve the iPhone 6 Plus and not the iPhone 6? Still, for afflicted users, it is an option that's better than nothing.

So what does the repair process involve? You'll have to go over to your nearest Apple Authorised Service Provider and pay the requisite fee, that will vary from country to country. In Malaysia, it's RM629. To prep for the cure, you'll have to back up your iPhone first. It will be examined onsite to make sure it's eligible for the program. 

The good news: if you had to take your device for repairs previously for the issue at Apple stores or authorised Apple service providers and it cost more than the suggested price, you will even get a reimbursement of the difference. 

However, if you got the device via a telco, Apple did note that wireless service providers are not involved in the program. So if your device is out of warranty, you'll just have to send the device over for repair yourself.

[Source: Apple]