Apple website lets you free your phone number from iMessage

Finally, you'll be able to receive texts from iPhone users
Apple's Deregister iMessage site

Apple has launched a new website that lets former iPhone users deregister from the iMessage service.

Since 2011, some Apple customers who switched from iPhone to another device have discovered that text messages sent from iPhones to their number were being intercepted by iMessage – and sent to their non-existent iPhone.

While it's always been possible to deregister from iMessage using an iPhone – just pop your SIM in, go to settings, then Messages, and turn iMessage off – there's been no such option for users who don't have access to an iPhone. Thus, it seemed, were backsliders punished.

But Apple is merciful; its new Deregister iMessage website gives former iPhone users a way to delist their phone number from the iMessage service. All you need to do is head over to the website and enter your phone number; you'll be sent a confirmation code via SMS, and tapping it into the site will switch off iMessage for that number. Simple!

[Source: Apple Insider]

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