Apple Watch is very, very water resistant

Intrepid user decides to see just where the Apple Watch can follow

Apple has never marketed their Apple Watch to be rugged but as merely a fashionably stylish device. So when it was announced that the Apple Watch would be water resistant and impact resistant we just figured it would be at a minimal level. Apparently we were wrong.

Is waterproofing a secret feature now?

Recent tests conducted by DC Rainmaker came up with results proving that the Apple Watch is much more water resistant that what Apple has led us to believe. Well,  there were tests done before that have already proven the Apple Watch being more water resistant than advertised but this test by DC Rainmaker is well-documented and has video evidence to boot.

His tests include doing a 1,200m swim, placing the watch in a waterproofing test chamber for 2 minutes and diving off a 32-ft platform. Even after all that was done to the watch, it survived. We think that Apple knows of this, but it is better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around. But beware that Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage so test at your own risk. So the next time your mates throw you into the pool, don't worry about your Apple Watch. Just hope your smartphone survives the dip!

[Source: DC Rainmaker]