The Apple Watch stainless steel version might cost you upward of US$500

That's not the real shocker - the gold model is expected to cost you at least US$4000
The Apple Watch might cost you upward of US$500

You better start saving up for the Apple Watch if you want the stainless steel version.

And it doesn't help that you might be hand out red packets at the same time (since the device is said to hit retail during Chinese New Year if not close to Valentines’ Day). According to a French Apple website,, the stainless steel Apple Watch will be priced from US$500 (RM1664). Yes, stainless steel, not gold, sorry to dampen your spirits.

Now, if you’re after the gold unit, get ready for a shock. That might cost you between US$4000 (RM13,314) and US$5000 (RM16,643), according to analysts' prdictions.

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And the leak might be closer to the truth than we think. It comes from the same source that accurately predicted the dimensions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before they hit the market.

Apple’s previously announced that the price of its Apple Watch line-up would start from US$350 (RM1165). Sources are speculating that that would be the cost of the aluminium model, obviously indicating that the pricing of those made from other materials will be upward of that amount.

We’ll probably have to wait till early next year to have a better indication as to what its cost will be like, since more rumours are bound to leak closer to release date.

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