Apple Watch app store online for your browsing pleasure

Maybe this might get the fencesitters to consider getting one

If you have (somehow) preordered the Apple Watch, I'm sure that you're giddy in anticipation. While you're waiting, you would probably like to know that  Apple has officially launched the Apple Watch app store and currently boasts up to 3000 apps, according to Wall Street Journal. But there is a problem though, all you can see from your Apple Watch is only a small, scrollable list.

Currently the app store is very different from your normal Apple App Store because it lacks basic functionality such as search, sorting and many other features that is available on the regular app store. But wait, if you tap the app store tab in the Watch several times you will be brought to an alternative view of the store that features a much wider array of apps split into multiple sections like “get the score, “get stuff done” and “healthy living”.

Another thing: the regular App Store has made some slight changes too as you will be able to see how apps with Apple Watch functionality (assigned with a small circular badge) look in both the watch and the phone with two rows of screen shots.

Once you have installed Apple Watch compatible apps, there will be a button that directs you to notification settings for toggling vibration and sounds for your Watch. You will need an iPhone 5 and above running on iOS 8.2 or higher. So far the notable apps on the store are Flipboard, Evernote, Twitter, Instagram and OpenTable among other familiar names. We're guessing Friday night will be "let's show off our Apple Watches to the have-nots" time. Try not to get punched in the face.

(source : Digital Trends)