Apple updates to iOS7.0.2, goodbye lock-screen bug!

Those ‘I unlocked my iPhone with my nipple’ videos will finally stop
iOS 7

It’s another update for Apple’s iOS 7. Not so big that the servers will be hammered, but important enough that you folks with iOS 7 should update ASAP.

Security issue resolved

A mere 21MB in size, this handy download zaps the bug that lets users bypass a user’s lock screen. On top of that, it also reintroduces the Greek keyboard option (for those who use it) for passcode entry.

The bug took advantage of Apple's Control Center that allowed users easy access to frequently used features like the calculator and clock, but also made it too easy to bypass the lock screen.

iOS users should be able to do an OTA update by going to Settings>General>Software Update or connect your iPhone to iTunes and manually download and update from your computer.

If you've been meaning to update your iPhone to iOS 7 then check out our handy guide.

[Source: PCMag]