Apple TV reportedly won’t be playing nice with your 4K TV yet

Even so, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get a 4K TV right now

It took years for you to decide on getting a full HD TV. And we’ve been saying that there’s no better time than now to future-proof your living room with a 4K display. Except, Apple seems to think otherwise.

Sources have leaked some (not so) shocking info to BuzzFeed News about the iPhone makers’ plans for 4K streaming. As in, they don’t exist. The source claims that the 4th generation Apple TV won’t be supporting 4K video. At least, not yet. The term initially was thrown around, and the source made a quick mention that “4K is great, but it’s still in its infancy”.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this - 4K content is still very much like a unicorn. Very rare in sighting, but still believable. While media streaming services like Netflix have pumped up their content delivery to 4K quality (its exclusive House of Cards comes to mind), there’s just too little of such content to make the economies of scale viable for 4K TVs and media streamers that support them.

On the other hand, it’s probably a chicken-and-egg situation. Without mass adoption of these ultra high definition displays, there's no huge justification for studios to pump more budget and investment into making 4K content for movie-goers and stay-home movie buffs.

The bright side to this - 4K TVs are reaching affordable prices for mass adoption. Just this year alone, LG has launched a new range of 4K UHD TVs, some of which cost 50% less than what it used to a year ago.

The only missing piece in this puzzle is 4K content. Whether it comes from Apple and its tie-up with HBO, or through its own iTunes service, the onus now lies with content creators.

[Source: BuzzFeed News via The Verge]

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