Apple-Samsung trial points to a bigger, cheaper iPhone 6

"Consumers want what we don't have," says Cupertino
Apple trial slide

Apple's next iPhone looks set to be bigger and cheaper, according to… Apple.

The ongoing Apple-Samsung trial has thrown up some interesting titbits in the form of internal Apple slides. One in particular, titled, "Consumers want what we don't have," points out that growth in the smartphone sector has come from devices that cost less than US$300 cheaper and larger than the 4in iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

While Apple doesn't explicitly say that it's working on a larger, cheaper iPhone 6, it's clear that the company is concerned by the trend towards plus-size phones. And rumours have been swirling for months now that the iPhone 6 will be substantially bigger than the current-gen iPhones, with analysts claiming that Apple has 4.7in and 5.5in variants in the works, and leaked photos pointing to a larger, super-slim iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6

As for a cheaper iPhone being in the works, Apple has already released the iPhone 5c – but the plastic iPhone surprised many with its high price point. In previous years, Apple had introduced a new top-tier iPhone and offered the outgoing model as a slightly cheaper; with the 5c, it effectively replaced the iPhone 5 in its line-up. Going by Apple's slides, a budget iPhone is certainly a possibility, in order to compete with the likes of the Motorola Moto G.

So while the slide isn't conclusive proof that bigger and cheaper iPhones are in the works, it certainly shows that Apple is aware of the competition – and worried about it. We'll keep you posted with more iPhone 6 news as it breaks – stay tuned.

[Source: Recode via Engadget; iPhone 6 render by Martin Hajek and]

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