Apple promises extra-special treatment if you buy its extra-expensive Watch

To further rub it into the face of the have-nots, Apple Watch Edition buyers will get priority service and be first in line

It isn't enough Apple made jaws drop by announcing the price of its gold Apple Watch Edition. To sweeten the deal, rumours are the expensive model buyers will get to the front of the line. Now, why there would be a line to buy a five-figure smartwatch? But this is Apple so all bets are off.

It's like having a (super-expensive) Swiss watch

Supposedly if you're buying the gold watch, you won't have to queue for assistance. There'll even be a private area for gold Watch buyers to ooh-and-aah over their purchases but if they're too busy on launch day, there's two years of access to a dedicated phone support line.

If you get the regular steel watch, you can also opt for virtual assistance from an Apple Store worker who will use video chat to teach you how to use the device. Could only afford a Watch Sport? Too bad. Don't expect service any better than what you'd get for buying an iPhone.

Apple buyers already get plenty of flak for apparently having more money than sense so if Apple wants to cater to the special demographic who will probably get someone else to queue up for it, why not? Next year, there'll probably an Apple Watch Titanium edition that'll be delivered on the wings of Apple drones.

[Source: Engadget]