New iPad and iPad Mini Models Are Coming Soon

Apples looks to update their line of tablets.

Apple’s iPad has been the premier go-to tablet for work and entertainment. Apple has since offered a whole bunch of different iterations of the iPads to suit different needs with the introductions of the likes of the iPad Mini and iPad Pro. It seems that this year, Apple is looking to update their iPad line like never before.

According to a report on Bloomberg, Apple is looking to add a whole new tech to their products: laser-powered 3D cameras. This seems to point the upcoming iPads and iPhones to focus a lot more on augmented reality capabilities. Utilising a laser projection, compared to the current use of dot projection, will enhance the scanning abilities of the cameras and will allow for better depth perception and virtual item placement.

There are also reports of a new, cheaper iPad Mini to be hitting store shelves as soon as Spring of this year, which keeps its 10-inch screen while upgrading to a better processor. A new iPad Pro with the laser-powered 3D camera is also slated for Spring. This iPad Pro was previewed last October, showing off gesture based controls and the introduction of IOS 13.


While we may not know for certain on the release of these new iPads, dataminers have uncovered references to 4 new iPads. Until then, we can only wait on the official statements by Apple.