Apple Music is now available for Android

The streaming service just hit the Play Store with that beefy free trial intact

Apple did some epic trolling earlier this autumn with its release of the Move to iOS app for Android, which made it easy to move your digital life to an iPhone or iPad, but this is very different: Apple Music is a proper Android app you might actually want to use.

And it's available now on the Play Store. Apple just pressed the button earlier this evening, sending its streaming music app onto the rival smartphone platform's storefront. As earlier leaked screens suggested, Apple Music has been tweaked and trimmed to look the part of a proper Android app, even, rather than an iOS cut-and-paste job.

It even comes with the same three-month free trial, which means if you want to bolt from Spotify or Google Play Music for the next quarter and save yourself a chunk of change, you're welcome to do so. Apple's music library is comparable to those of other services, and even has some artists you won't find everywhere - like Taylor Swift, notably.

That said, Apple has released the app in a beta format for now, and it's lacking a couple of features that'll come down the line. You can't watch music videos on Android for the time being, plus you can't sign up for a family membership from your phone or tablet. You'll need an iOS device or Mac to either start a family plan and bring it over to Android, or convert the solo membership you started on Android.

Still, the vast majority of the Apple Music experience - including the Beats 1 streaming radio station - is now found on Android, and you can download it free today and start the trial immediately. What have you got to lose?

[Source: Play Store]