Apple might be mass producing two iPhones by next month

According to sources, the devices may be thinner and rounder too
There’s not one, but two iPhones in the works

Just hours after the iPhone 6 appeared in a number of renders and photos, more speculative information has been doing its rounds, making us wonder if Apple can keep anything under wraps for long.

In what appears to be a move to monopolise a size loving mobile market, Apple seems to be creating larger iPhone models to expand on its offerings – if you haven’t picked up on it already, the keywords being "iPhone models".

Yes, Apple is apparently making not one but two new iPhones, which may be entering mass production stages by the end of next month, if you believe a recent report by Bloomberg.

The source mentioned that one will feature a 4.7in screen, while the other will boast a 5.5in screen. Comparatively, the current iPhone has a 4in screen (which is pretty much smaller than most of the Androids out in the market), while the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1in display.

Do many rumours make a truth?

There’s not one, but two iPhones in the works

There is a ring of truth to the rumour, if you consider some previous leaks which have suggested at both a 4.7in and a 5.5in screen size. And if Apple’s release of the iPhone 5C and 5S is any gauge of a shared spotlight, there could possibly be a double bumper release.

Speaking of release, the source claims both models should be made available sometime in September, although word’s out that crafting the 5.5in model is proving to be a slight challenge.

The redesigned iPhone units will also sport thinner and rounder edges as compared to its predecessors, in addition to featuring a curved glass that has “enhanced sensors to detect different levels of pressure.”

We take it that September’s not that too long a wait to figure if it’s the real deal.

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[Source: Bloomberg]