Apple May Release New iPhone SE With 4.7-Inch Display In 2020

Apple isn't forgetting those looking for more affordable options

As Apple is about to launch their flagship iPhone 11 lineup next week, it looks like Apple understands not everyone will be keen to purchase their high-end models, nor will they have the ability to do so. Which is why it comes to no surprise that a report from Nikkei claims Apple is planning to launch a new 4.7-inch iPhone in the spring, which is likely a spiritual iPhone SE successor.

So far it looks like the only way it's an SE successor is based on price point. The iPhone SE was a 4-inch option in an era where Apple had moved all of its high-end iPhones to 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens. The Nikkei report says that the new 4.7-inch iPhone will be similar to the iPhone 8. 

It's also reported that the new SE might feature an LCD display to keep the price down, but might still feature modern internals like the new A13 chip. It’s not clear if the phone will keep the Touch ID home button or adopt the more expensive Face ID system. The ‘iPhone 8’-esque description suggests it would be based around Touch ID though.

The SE carved out some semblance of popularity when it was launched, with some customers drawn to its compact size and others taking advantage of the lower price point where the 32GB version costs MYR1749. While the iPhone XR is an appealing cheaper option, it still costs MYR3599 for a 64GB version. Even if Apple price dropped the XR in the wake of the iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro release, it would like drop to around MYR2000-MYR3000 which is still pretty high in comparison to many android phones Malaysians can afford.

As cheaper SKUs are also important to its business, Apple isn't letting go of the market just yet. While currently Apple is offering the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 as cheaper models, it is possible that the iPhone 7 will no longer be sold once the iPhone 11 is released.