Apple Is Working On A Foldable iPad Rather than A Foldable iPhone

It is reported to be slated for release in 2020 with 5G support and a huge screen

With Galaxy Fold having issues with their review units and Huawei Mate X being delayed to September 2019, consumers are left curious as to when they would be able to have their foldable tech.


Apple apparently has picked up on this. But instead of making a foldable smartphone, they decided to make a foldable tablet instead. According to the Economic Daily News and IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin, a bending iPad could be with us as soon as next year, the report says.

The foldable iPad will feature 5G support, the latest A-series processor, and a display nearly as large as the current MacBook line. Jeff Lin didn’t describe the design of the device, so we have no idea if this foldable iPad will have a single screen that folds in half, or if Apple will go a completely different route. 


Lin also noted that it will be highly portable and have “business-friendly” features, which might make it a more viable laptop, unlike the current iPad. Apple usually waits until it can get something properly implemented before adding it to their devices; whether it's wireless charging or waterproofing, and it's likely to be the same with folding screens.