Apple makes bulk camera orders for what could be the iPhone 6c

Apple's buying up a lot of Sony's sensors. We wonder why

Apple can’t win sometimes. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were conceived when people complained the iPhone was too small, but then some complained they were too big. The 4-inch rumoured iPhone 6c is apparently coming out in September, if a report about a massive component order is to be believed.

Sony, said GSM Dome, received a huge order for camera sensors that would fit the supposed model. We’re guessing those cameras weren’t for a new batch of iPhone 6s.

Apparently the order was so big that Sony can only meet half of its usual demand from other phone makers. Huawei, ZTE and Oppo were forced to get camera lenses from Sony’s rivals that include Samsung and Toshiba.

It's likely the orders could be for the next iPhone 6s and the 4-inch phone could be just a rumour. But we've learned never to say never where Apple is concerned.

[Source: BGR]