Apple Mac Pro's Price In Malaysia Revealed To Start From RM25,999 [Updated]

The price balloons up to almost 10x the starting cost

Who knew a giant cheese grater would cost a quarter of 100k ringgit and more? We jest! It should likely come to no surprise at all at the price reveal of Apple's Mac Pro in Malaysia is one of the highest we've seen as even American tech news has revealed that it is Apple's most expensive Mac Pro.

In Malaysia, it comes with a starting price of RM25,999 which is even before configuration and for the tower option alone. If you're looking at the rack variant, the starting price is at RM27,999.

The high pricing is due to the fact the Mac Pro is meant for professionals that require some powerful tech to get their work done. As such, the Mac Pro can be configured to be added with tech such as an Intel Xeon W 28-core 56-thread CPU, two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics cards, 1.5TB DDR4-2933 ECC RAM, 8TB solid state drive, as well as 1280W power supply.


Configurations for the Mac Pro Tower version is now available and if you take the processor, memory, graphics, storage and add on features such as Apple Afterburner, stainless steel frame with wheels, magic mouse and trackpad, as well as pre-installed softwares of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, the cost balloons up to RM233k and above. That's almost 10x the initial cost.

At least shipping is free. Based on the Apple website, the Mac Pro should be available by early February 2020.