Apple lowers Malaysian prices for older iPhone models

If not having a cutting-edge model doesn't bother you, then consider an older phone

It's usual for Apple to lower the prices of its older models whenever a newer once is launched. This year it's a little unusual as all the current models available in Malaysia have been discounted, instead of just the most recent generation.

A sale of a sort

How much would an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus cost? Well last year's models now cost RM450 less with the entry level iPhone 7 32GB costing RM2749, from RM3199 previously while the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB costs RM3349 from RM3799.

If you want a little more storage, then you can get an iPhone 7 128GB for RM3249 and the Plus version for RM3849. For the iPhone 6S, it's RM2249 and RM2749 for the 32GB and 128GB respectively and for the iPhone 6S Plus it's RM2749 and RM3249 for their equivalents.

One exception to the RM450 less rule is the iPhone SE which was only discounted by RM200, so now it costs RM1749 for the 32GB edition and RM2249 for the 128GB.

Why get these instead of a newer model? Well, thanks to the currency exchange rates, the new iPhone will be prohibitively expensive for some and considering how long a shelf life iOS has compared to Android, buying a slightly older model won't be a terrible thing. 

Or you could just wait for the telcos to announce their iPhone plans and we bet that will happen sooner rather than later.