New iPhone Features Leaked By Apple Themselves

Apple wants to prove they're not resting on their laurels

It's almost towards the end of the year and you would think that Apple would dust off their hands with a job well done after releasing the iPhone XR series. Yet the iPhone sales has been stalling, resulting in significant price cuts. So what better way to get the iPhone back in the spotlight by revealing a new iPhone in the works?

Revealed by Patently Apple, the company has quietly filed a patent detailing the return of Touch ID and how it would work alongside Face ID in new iPhones. To top it all off, the Touch ID would be unlike anything iPhone users have experienced before.

Taking inspiration from rivals, Apple shows-off work to build Touch ID into the display of iPhones. For example, Apple’s patent demonstrates it operating as a backup to Face ID for unlocking iPhones but it can also operate as a standalone authentication method itself.

According to Patently Apple, the report showed interfaces that confirmed dual biometrics would be coming to future iPhones. But why should TouchID return when iPhones are now using FaceID?

It likely has to do with convenience and security. After all, it's more convenient to unlock a smartphone with a fingerprint rather than the face. another reason is that biometric security should not be in isolation but rather a combination. Simultaneous verification with both fingerprint and face would make iPhone security stronger and with Apple revealing plans to promote iPhones as potential passport and ID document replacements, such an upgrade would be essential.

But all this for now is just a leak, and we will have to wait and see if Apple would upgrade their iPhone even further with other things such as 5G.