Apple iWatch: less smartwatch, more fitness band

Apple's smart wristwear to showcase new iOS 8 Healthbook app with fitness features
Apple iWatch: less smartwatch, more fitness band

The Apple iWatch won't reach its full potential without an iDevice to pair it to, though it'll probably tell the time just fine.

The latest whispers courtesy of MobiHealthNews' sources point to a wrist-hugging Apple device that will depend heavily on a connected iPhone or iPad to reach its full potential.

That means no in-built Wi-Fi or Nano SIM for browsing or making calls from your wrist. Instead, the iWatch is expected to connect to an iDevice via energy-friendly Bluetooth 4.0, after which it'll be able to serve up notifications, control music and initiate calls.

It's also not expected to launch with previously rumoured extravagant blood sugar and hydration sensors, though fitness tracking is still expected to make up a large chunk of its features.

We've already seen plenty of informations pointing to Apple's upcoming Healthbook app (which will arrive baked into iOS 8), and it'll reportedly track steps, exercise sleep and diet.

Gadgeteers hoping for a wrist-mounted iPhone look set to be disappointed then, but releasing the iWatch as an accessory as opposed to a primary standalone device will ensure that it's battery life will be measured in days not hours.

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[MobiHealthNews via Tech Radar, main image: Martin Hajek]