Apple Is Bringing Back Their Rainbow Logo For Their Next iPhone Event

Happening this September 10th.

Apple’s competitors have been stepping up their game with the innovations like 64-megapixel cameras and 5000 mAH batteries, while the next iPhone is still in the dark. Speculations and leaks have pointed out that we might just see the iPhone XI on September 11th, and we now have confirmation that we’ll see this elusive phone a little sooner.

The Apple iPhone event will take place on the 10th of September, a whole day sooner than what fans were expecting. What can we expect is definitely the full reveal of the iPhone XI, and we can finally see what kind of camera setup it will have, whether it will really stop using Lightning cables, or if it is really worth getting this year. We can also guess that the successors to the XR and XS versions will be unveiled as well.

What is interesting is the logo Apple has shown off for this upcoming event, which harkens back to the original logo Apple used in 1976, as well as the texturing of the logo also a callback to the technicolour plastics that was used in the iMac G3 line of the 90s. Does this mean that the upcoming iPhones will have a whole slate of colours to choose from?

We’ll find out soon enough when the Apple event commences on the 10th of September and see the iPhone XI come to light, as well as other products that will be coming out throughout the year as well.