Apple iPhone 8: Everything we know so far

>>> It'll charge wirelessly

More than one source has pointed towards the long-awaited wireless charging smarts finally arriving with next year's iPhone. In fact, there's evidence that Apple has been puzzling over how to achieve wireless charging at greater distances than the current haul of docks and mats permits. With limited NFC - largely for Apple Pay - introduced on the iPhone 6, many believe it's high time for Apple to ship its flagship with wire-free charging. We'd have to agree.

>>> It might ditch the home button

If several key sources are to be believed, the next iPhone will do to the home button what the iPhone 7 did to the headphone jack. Apple went halfway with the 7, ditching the actual button aspect of its home button in favour of a sapphire glass circle with taptic feedback. Now, there's mounting evidence to suggest Apple will be scrapping it altogether.

How would that work? Well, a patent has surfaced - yes, one of those again - for a fingerprint scanner built-in to the actual glass, something that's already been partially demonstrated by Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi, which would do away with the need for a home button. This would fit with the all-glass rumours, as well as suggestions that the bezels on the new iPhone will be far smaller - though it would also require an iOS re-design to add a digital home button.

A report has also emerged (citing sources within Apple's supply chain) asserting the presence of an in-screen Touch ID scanner, and the total removal of the home button. This allows for a longer 18.5:9 screen and very narrow bezels, much like those on the Samsung Galaxy S8. 

>>> It'll be picky about its camera lenses

There's no word yet on the actual tech that'll go into the next iPhone's camera, but it has been suggested by more than one industry expert - most notably Ming-Chi Kuo - that the next iPhone edition will keep its dual-camera tech for the premium Plus model, rather than sharing its smarts across the range. Boo.

They could come arranged in a vertical, rather than horizontal, layout, though. Apparently that'll be better for mobile VR - something Apple hasn't exactly been quick off the mark with in the past. 

>>> It'll come in new colours

Perhaps less revelatory than some of the other rumours circulating, there's a suggestion that the new iPhone will come in at least two new colours - red and blue. OK, it's hardly ground-breaking, but it is a departure from the muted tones usually associated with Apple's flagships - and it's something that was signalled, perhaps, by the Jet Black iPhone 7. Will we see a 5c rivalling colour line-up? Probably not, but it would be nice to see Apple affording its customers the luxury of a little more choice.

>>> It'll be waterproof

The iPhone 7 is rated IP67, which means it's water and dust resistant, but according to reports the iPhone 8 will take things a step further to include full waterproofing. We're not sure of the specifics, but it could mean liquid damage being covered under warranty (it's not with the iPhone 7).

>>> It might come in three models

A 4.7in device, a 5in device and a 5.5in device, according to some. That line-up would fit well with an upgrade to the iPhone SE, alongside either an iPhone 8 and an iPhone 8 Plus.

Or not. 

The latest theory suggests Apple will go big on the display, but slim down the bezels, effectively making a phone with the same screen space as an iPhone 7 Plus, but the same physical size as the iPhone 7. There would be no need for a larger phone to launch alongside it, so the next iPhone could arrive as a single, one-size-fits-all handset.

>>> It might be the iPhone 7s

You might have noticed that we're being a little coy about what to call the next iPhone. That's because no-one's sure whether it will be the 7s or the 8. Apple has in recent years followed a fairly linear strategy of releasing a full upgrade one year, followed by an 'S' upgrade the next. Why would it break that cycle? Well, because of that 10-year anniversary. Would the Cupertino company really ship a marginally upgraded iPhone 7s on this grand occasion? Our heads say maybe - our hearts hope otherwise.

>>> Or it might take inspiration from the Apple Watch

The latest name rumour doing the rounds is that Apple will call its anniversary iPhone the 'iPhone Edition', just like its most expensive Apple Watch. That would suggest it'll carry a premium price, as well as top-end materials that elevate it above the standard iPhone models.