Apple fans tricked into professing love for Android

This video proves that Apple love can sometimes be very blind

The Apple camp is a vocal and loyal lot, praising iEverything to the heavens. But how well does the following know their religion? Can they differentiate iOS from Android?

Dutch pranksters Dit is Normaal took to the streets with an iPhone installed with Android software to test the faith. Watch what happens when they tell trusting passers-by that the iPhone is running the new iOS 9.

As you can expect, people will believe everything they’re told, with some commenting that the experience is faster, smoother, and dare they say - prettier. Not everyone is caught out though, an eagle-eyed guy mentions that the OS looks a lot like Android.

Before the Apple horde descends upon us, we’d like to put it out there that Android fanboys don’t seem to know any better. Watch for the moment when a Samsung fanboy fails to recognise the OS he apparently loves.

This is what iOS 9 really looks like. Know your stuff, read Stuff for a start.

Source: Cnet