Apple douses iPhone 7 in Product (Red) charity karma

Plus! iPhone SE gets more storage; no extra karma

Ooh, red.

Striking, isn’t it? And best of all it instantly renders any other iPhone utterly evil, for every purchase of this Product (Red) Special Edition bumps a little cash into the Global Fund against HIV and AIDS. Apple has done a few Product (Red) things over the years, but rarely have they looked quite as snazzy as this one.

This is what I have been waiting for!

No, you were waiting (and waiting) for your lottery ticket to come in so you could afford an iPhone 7. And, charity or no, this doesn’t change that: the red iPhone 7 comes in 128GB for RM3699 and 256GB for RM4199. Upsize your karma-phone to the Plus-size version for RM4299 or RM4799.


Yikes. I keep forgetting how spendy they are. Same specs? 

Yep, same specs. Although… some related news on that front. The humble, but excellent, iPhone SE got itself a double memory boost. It now comes in 32GB and 128GB versions, for the same price: RM1949 and RM2449. No red edition, but you could buy a Product (Red) leather case for it for RM189. 

Oh, so maybe I could just…

In fact, Apple will sell you a Product (Red) leather or silicone or battery case for any of your iPhone 7 phones. But before you think you’ve found the low road to Feelgood City, the percentage on a crummy case is not going to help the planet’s AIDS sufferers nearly as much as getting the full-whack phone. Right? 

Then again: instead of buying a RM4000 charity-affiliated phone, you could just buy a RM2000 phone and give the other RM2000 straight to charity. So many choices: you’ve got until 24th March to decide, for that is when the Apple iPhone 7 Product (Red) Special Edition launches online, and in Apple Stores worldwide.