Apple discontinues iPad Mini 3 and increases price on selected iPhones and iPads in Malaysia

Oh the pain of falling currencies

Today is a sad day, actually not very but pretty sad day for Apple fanboys out there as Apple has announced that they will discontinue the sales of iPad 3 and a price increase in iPads an iPhones out there.

There is no explanation to the increase in pricing but it may be due to the dropping value of the Malaysian ringgit. The cheapest iPad available is the iPad Air 2 which was priced at RM 1,695 after GST implementation but now it has been increased to a whopping RM 1,999. Even iPhone prices have been increased.

Lastly, the iPad Mini 3 is no longer available for purchase and is replaced by the newer iPad Mini 4 which was announced at San Francisco at an Apple event recently. We can probably expect the iPad Pro to be very, very expensive.

[source : LowYat]