Apple denies it's testing out its own wireless service

The iPhone-maker says it won't be offering its own mobile network

Relax, mobile providers. You can breathe again. Apple has denied it will be setting up its own cellular network.

Following a report from Business Insider claiming the company was already running a private trial of its own network in the United States, and had opened negotiations about expansion into Europe, Apple has told 

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 this is not the case. The iPhone manufacturer says, 'It has not discussed and is not planning MVNO [mobile virtual network operator] cellular service.'

According to the swiftly dismissed story, Apple was planning to piggyback on existing networks with its service - just like Google's Project Fi service. This would have meant renting the service from carriers to control almost every aspect of your iPhone experience.

As it is, the iPhone 7 is the key Apple launch we're expecting in the near future.

[Source: Business Insider via The Verge]