The Luxurious Apple Credit Card Will Be Available In August

A credit card made for the fanboys.

Earlier this year, Apple announced a whole slew of new services coming to their suite of devices, with Apple TV being revamped, Apple Arcade as a whole new gaming platform, and the Apple Card being a credit card specifically for Apple devices. We now know that the Apple Card is actually coming to us next month.

As it was shown previously, the Apple Card will come in a physical titanium card, as well as an E-wallet-like app on Apple devices. If you are used to services like Maybank2U and CIMB Clicks, think of this as an Apple flavoured version of these services. The Apple Card will also provide cash back rewards too, with 2-percent cash back when you use Apple Pay and 3-percent cash back when shopping at physical Apple stores.

What makes the Apple Card stand out, besides its fully titanium card and Apple exclusivity, is that it doesn’t use the typical CVV code, 16-digit card identifier, and expiration date that other debit and credit cards use to verify a purchase. Instead, the Apple Card will generate these integers randomly with each purchase, keeping all transactions secure and hack free.

Overall, the Apple Card is promising and is being beta tested by employees of the company.  No word on when the card will be introduced to Malaysia, though it will be available in the US in August.