Apple confirms an update will disable throttling

Users will get more transparency about the condition of iPhone batteries

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview that an upcoming February update would let iPhone users check on the status of their batteries as well as tweak any issues with performance throttling.

More control

The beta of the update is due out in February, and following Apple's usual timeline that means a public update will likely come out in March.

Apple put out a statement clarifying that the feature in iOS that intentionally slowed down iPhones was not part of a nefarious 'planned obsolescene'. Instead, it was an attempt to manage inevitable battery degradation by slowing down certain processes.

The company is facing numerous class action lawsuits after the reveal, but the company is standing by its statement, insisting the move was not made in bad faith.

With the new update, customers can better see the condition of the battery and have the option to turn off any iOS throttling. In the meantime, customers are also able to replace older batteries at a special discounted rate.

[Source: The Verge]