Apple buys Kinect sensor creators PrimeSense

Apple snaps up the company behind the original Kinect sensor – could an Apple iTV with 3D motion control be on the way?
Apple iTV

Apple has purchased Israeli motion sensor company PrimeSense, which developed the sensors found in the original Xbox Kinect.

Rumours of the deal circulated last week, with Apple reportedly paying up to US$345 million for the Kinect wizards.

Speculation as to what, exactly, Apple might want to do with PrimeSense's sensor technology has been feverish. The most likely candidate for a Kinect-style motion sensor would be the rumoured Apple iTV, offering voice and gesture controls for TV similar to those found on the Xbox One.

However, there's also the possibility that Apple might be looking to add 3D sensor tech to the iPhone 6 and other future mobile devices – the Structure Sensor iPad peripheral has shown that there's a market for portable 3D sensors, and PrimeSense manufactures a miniature sensor called the Capri that could find its way onto Apple's iPhones and iPads.

Whatever the case, we're sure to see PrimeSense's 3D sensors adding a new dimension to Apple's tech in the near future.