Apple bringing E-Ink technology to its Macbooks

The futuristic keyboards will be a big difference from what the market has now

While there'll be plenty of people looking forward to this year's MacBook refresh, seems Apple is keeping some pretty fancy tech reserved for 2018.

Dynamic, customisable keyboards

The biggest and likeliest rumour about the upcoming MacBooks out this month is that there will be an OLED panel, replacing the row that would usually house function keys.

However it seems Apple is working with company Sonder Design to license the latter's dynamic E-Ink displays. With the technology, we could see 2018 MacBooks with dynamic, customisable keys. Think creating your own keyboard shortcuts by choosing which keys go where - the keys could possibly be customised to display special command functions, emojis and international characters - apart from the current standard QWERTY setup.

MacBook keyboards of the future could very well combine both OLED and E-Ink technology; it might also be a standard feature that would appear on not just pricier MacBook Pros but the cheaper MacBook Airs, setting the entire MacBook line apart from competing laptops.

It makes sense that Apple would try to innovate further with the MacBook range, considering how many ultrabooks are currently following suit in the thin but powerful blueprint that Apple's managed to dominate with the MacBook Airs and the 12-inch MacBook.

2018 couldn't come any faster for MacBook devotees, looks like.

[Source: WSJ via 9to5Mac]