Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ Subscription Services Coming to Malaysia Later This Year

Apple News+ and Apple Card have also been announced.

During Apple’s Special Event today, they have announced four new exciting services, including Apple News+ and the Apple card. Apple New+ adds magazines to the Apple News lineup with up to 300 publications at launch such as The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. Apple also stated that advertisers can’t track your activity so you won’t receive targeted ads on the app so “+1” to privacy.

The Apple Card is their own venture into the credit card scene - it doesn’t even have a credit card number, CVV, signature, or expiration date. However, you can generate one if you’re making a purchase at a site that does not support Apple Card but takes the traditional 16-digit credit card information. As of now, there’s no word on the availability of these two services for Malaysia.


The more intriguing services are the Apple Arcade and AppleTV+ subscriptions. Apple TV+ will be an addition to the current Apple TV which will be updated with channels like HBO, PBS, CBS, Acorn TV, and Tastemade. Although there wasn’t much information on the Apple TV+ other than the name itself, and that it will be available for online and offline viewing.

Apple did add that there will be original programming that includes documentaries about the life of immigrants in America, a science fiction story where the world’s inhabitants are blind, children’s programming featuring Sesame Street characters, and two Oprah Winfrey documentaries on workplace harassment and mental health.


Next to be announced is the Apple Arcade, a gaming subscription service that is supported across all Apple devices, and no, this is not a cloud gaming service like Google Stadia. This is more like a subscription for games that is available through the App Store, so don’t expect to  be playing AAA titles with high fidelity graphics. This service will include more than 100 games that are exclusive to iOS and will be available for offline play. There’s a win (two in fact!) for Malaysia though - both Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade will be coming to Malaysia “later this year”, as seen on the Apple Malaysia website. You’ll be hard pressed to find out pricing since Apple did not disclose any during their event and will most likely announce them closer to the launch of services. As usual, we’ll keep you posted if any further news or announcements for Malaysia are available.