App-controlled Atoms robot building blocks are now available to mortals

Makers will love this modular system, which launches with two DIY robots
Atoms Pascal robot

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, a new system of maker-friendly building toys called Atoms has gone on sale. And it’s the sort of thing you’ll buy for your kids because you secretly want it for yourself.

We are the modules

The system features various modules including switches, light sensors, IR sensors/transmitters, LEDs and microphones, all of which can be connected up to function as machines. The Prankster Set, for instance, comes with a ‘popper’ unit that, thanks to an in-built spring, can fling something out to scare your little sister when you trigger it using a light sensor.

Quark matters

The modules, which are compatible with Lego, start at US$10 (RM32), but you can also buy two sets – called ‘Quarks’ – that allow you to build motorised robots. Bunsen is a wheeled little fella that is scared of light: shine a torch in his ‘eyes’ and he’ll retreat. Pascal is a tank-like sweeper that can be controlled using an iOS device.

The kits are aimed at children of six and older, and will be shipping to US customers in time for Christmas.

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