Another chance for smartphone maker Saygus

Will a Linux phone finally garner enough interest to fight with the big boys?
Another chance for smartphone maker Saygus

Saygus, if you remember them, came out in 2010 with what at the time seemed a really exciting proposition for a smartphone. But the company took too long and by the time its first model arrived, it was poor competition for the market.

The company is trying again and claims its new model will have a dozen new features at a pretty good price. Saygus isn’t quite so forthcoming with a lot of specs for the phone though it did confirm the model would support both the GSM and CDMA wireless standards.

Linux: Still not popular

Another chance for smartphone maker Saygus

In a release, the upcoming, unnamed model is said to support high-end audio, high-res photo taking, copious amounts of memory and ‘special RF technology’ for better reception. The Saygus phone will also apparently have longer battery life thanks to ‘unique battery extension technology’.

Also onboard: a biometric scanner, likely something like Apple’s TouchID, root access and other supposedly ‘exclusive’ features. The root access mention looks like the phone might not necessarily be running on Android but could be on a Linux fork made for mobile.

A Linux focus makes sense as the company does state that its roots lie in Linux software design and development. Still, a Linux phone has yet to set the world on fire with Mozilla’s own Firefox OS still taking time to gain much buzz in the market.

With Samsung and Apple dominating the high-end pricey phone segment, Saygus might have better luck trying to counter Xiaomi's performance at the best value proposition. We'll just have to see if the company has what it takes.

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[Source: Engadget]