Angry Birds goes beyond gaming to encompass entertainment

One of the world’s most popular game is targeted at two-year-olds through to grandparents
Angry Birds goes beyond gaming to encompass entertainment

It's arguably the top most played mobile game globally (and one that has killed the productivity of many) but Angry Birds is here to become a permanent part of pop culture, just like Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty has been around for decades.

That's according to Rovio Entertainment CMO, Peter Vesterbacka, although he believes that games such as Angry Birds don’t reduce productivity but instead, takes your mind off work when you need a break.

Say what? We aren’t sure how it works for you but that game has kept us so glued to our mobile devices that we probably won’t even notice Brad Pitt if he walked by.

Vesterbacka was speaking at a Digital Matters session at All That Matters in Singapore, where he highlighted Rovio’s simple strategy for Angry Birds – target everyone from two-year-olds to grandparents.

Rovio's got big plans for Angry Birds

Angry Birds goes beyond gaming to encompass entertainment

“We just want the brand to be well known globally. And we’re one of the fastest growing consumer brands that’s going beyond just being a games company. We only care about our brand and our fans.”

He added that the company also wants to make the game more local than well, local.

“We always put a local spin to our game, like the Angry Birds Moon Festival version, which taught the world that didn’t know of the Chinese festival about the culture," he said.

All you Angry Birds fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This isn’t the end of the line for the universally popular game.

The company has extended its scope to include a toy business, entered the education space, launched its first animated series, and will soon launch an Angry Birds movie, along with more demographic specific Angry Birds versions – mind you, all of this is the result of just one game app.

And it’s only the beginning for Rovio.