Android Wear gives Tinder the option to let you make questionable dating choices

Android Wear, giving you the ability to swipe right for that cute guy or pretty girl without being too obvious
You can make questionable dating choices on Tinder with Android Wear

Tinder’s one of the most popular social apps when it comes to flirting/pursuing/dating someone (whichever’s up your alley, we don’t judge). And now, it’s made life easier for you because you don’t have to flash your smartphone to swipe someone that you fancy to the right.

Tinder’s joined the smorgasbord of apps, such as Pinterest, that have come forth and declared that their apps are now compatible with Android Wear smartwatches. We’re expecting to see plenty more swiping when people start getting their hands on the Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch.      

According to Tinder, Android wearables are the perfect companion to Tinder as they enable you to meet new people nearby and converse with your matches on the go, but no longer require you to be glued on your phone.

There’s no fuss required to get it

You can now woo on Tinder using your Android Wear

Setting up isn’t going to be as hard as you think – all you need to do is pair your Android smartwatch to your phone. That’s literally it. You say “Start Tinder” to begin your classic swipe adventure. Besides being able to view matches and get your swipe on, you can tap on their profile to open it on your paired phone to have a closer look.

Alerts of new matches and message notifications will be included in the watch’s stream, and you’ll also be able to respond to them from your Android Wear. For example, responding to the messages will require you to speak your reply into the smartwatch.

Just make sure you’re not in a very crowded location where your cheesy pickup line can be heard and judged.  

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[Source and images: Tinder]