Android Users: Hundreds Of Google Play Store Apps At Risk Of Breaking Your Phone

Android fans have been put on alert as hundreds of Google Play Store apps can potentially break their phones

With Android being an open source type of OS, it's no surprise that the OS is at risk of being hacked. But now it seems that the risk is a lot closer than expected, as hundreds of apps on the Google Play Store were found to have the potential of breaking user's smartphones.

Before this, Android users saw 50 malware-filled apps on the Google Play Store infect over 30 million Android devices. This time, Lookout has stated that about hundreds of apps on the Google Play Store can break your phone - 238 apps to be exact. With Android being one of the most used OS in the world (over two billion devices), this threat shouldn't be taken lightly. 

Lookout had discovered these apps will leave Android phones "nearly unusable" due to a BeiTaPlugin adware. This malware forcibly displays adverts on an Android user’s lock screen and also triggers video or audio ads to play even when a phone is asleep.

It's been estimated that these apps have been downloaded 440 times in total, with most of the apps affected being keyboard themes. But that's not all - health and fitness apps, and even a document scanner app was also listed.

All of the affected apps have, since May 23 2019, either been removed from the Play Store or updated to versions without the malware. But if you want to be certain if that app you downloaded has affected you, you can see an extensive list of apps affected by the BeiTaPlugin here.