Android Twitter update adds photo editing, Tweet recommendations

New features aim to make photo sharing easier so expect your feeds to be drowning in Chinese New Year photos
Android Twitter update

Twitter has rolled out a new Android-only update that seems to be targetted towards the photo-sharing bunch. Twitter engineer Matt Belland announced the changes on a Twitter blogpost entitled "Friendlier photo sharing is here".

Share your selfies faster

Android Twitter update

With the update, Twitter's added easy cropping and rotating from the app itself. You can choose whether to choose a wide or square aspect ratio for your photos and once you've edited your photo, you can easily mention people you want to see it.

Twitter's also improved on its discovery by automatically putting up recommendations for new content after you've seen all your latest Tweets. Just pull your feed down and Twitter will refresh with content it thinks you''ll like. The lucky folks in the US will even see TV, sports and news updates.

Another change in the update (according to Google Play) which won't be easily apparent is better login verification, which Twitter did not elaborate about so we're guessing it's a minor security update.

The Twitter update is already live on Google Play with an iOS version coming soon, but no ETA on that as yet. Sorry iPhone fans!

[Source: Twitter via Mashable]