Android players, soon you too can play Vainglory

The Android version of the acclaimed MOBA game is currently in closed beta, but accepting applications

It has to be said - iOS gamers get the best games first. Who gets the mobile ports of AAA games first? iPhones, not Android. Eventually the better titles do make their way to Android phones and tablet and one of them is Vainglory, a MOBA that consistently gets on the top 10 lists.

What's so appealing about Vainglory? It was one of the games Apple used to demonstrate its current Metal framework. Think of it as a gorgeous, albeit simplified MOBA experience that works well on both phones and tablets.

High-end Android devices only please.

The premise of the game is simple. You team up with two other players to destroy the enemy team’s base crystal. A lot like murdering the opposing team’s Ancient in DOTA.

What makes the game fun is it’s more streamlined, a better fit than traditional MOBA games as there’s only two other people in your team, less area to farm and defend thus games go quicker.

If you’re keen on playing the game, currently the closed beta is only open to high-end Android devices in the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus range as well as NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet. But if you happen to own one of the newer octa-core phones, maybe you’ll get lucky. The application form does support an ‘other’ model listing.

You can apply for the Android closed beta here.

[Source: Androidcentral]