Android, iOS alternative Tizen devices could be out by March

The devices will be showcased at the upcoming Mobile World Congress and might extend beyond smartphones

We may already be spoiled for choice with Android, but a new open source smartphone operating system has been in development. Latest word on the street is that the OS, called Tizen, will be seen on devices at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Barcelona and be available for wide release by March.

Who is behind Tizen? The consortium, called the Tizen Association has members that include processor maker Intel, Fujitsu, Samsung, LG, Huawei as well as mobile carriers like Vodafone and Orange.

Samsung and LG go Tizen first

PCWorld earlier reported that Tizen could eventually make its way to TVs and other non-smartphone devices, though the emphasis seems to be on phones at the moment.

NTT Docomo spokesman Jun Otori told AFP that the company hopes to have a Tizen phone out in March. But that might as yet not but confirmed, due to some delays in the process.

What is more likely is that Samsung will have Tizen phones at the MWC, as recent reports found that it has filed for and received FCC certification for what looks like a Tizen phone. Specs are as yet unknown, though there are marked similarities of the phone's design to Samsung's Galaxy S4.

Is Intel betting on the right horse? Does Samsung really need another OS when its Android models are already top of the heap? Stay tuned for more as we get updates on the platform.

[Source:Times of India]