Amosu’s pink iPhone 6 is just the thing for Valentine's Day

This is probably the love child of cotton candy and an iPhone 6
Amosu’s pink iPhone 6 is just the thing for Valentines’ Day

Stop rubbing your eyes, your vision isn't impaired. This is indeed the iPhone 6, in pink. And we’re not talking about some pink casing that makes the unit look partially ridiculous; it’s actually all pink (which is far worse).

And if you’re wondering which maker got that far with its creative ideas, it’s Amosu. Pretty unbelievable for a company that created the dazzling (and expensive) Call of Diamond iPhone 6 and the striking Amosu Gold iPhone 6.

So what’s the reason behind this iPhone 6 that looks like its design got inspired by pink cotton candy? You might have guessed it right, it’s Valentine's Day. Amosu wanted in on the celebration of love and came up with… this.

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Well, there’s one thing that will make you want to show it off – as evident from the picture, it’s the “world’s first pink iPhone 6” (don’t worry, we know it looks like it on the picture, but that caption won’t be engraved on your phone).

But then again, we are quite judgmental of this creation because we aren’t great fans of the colour in general. If your bae is one that’s a die-hard pink fanatic, maybe she (or he, we don’t judge) will appreciate this as a gift far more than we ever will.

Amosu’s making just 10 units of these, so if you really think a limited edition pink iPhone 6 makes the most romantic V’day gift, get your purchase fast. But do keep in mind that these units sell for £1,899 (RM10,384) each but hey, you can’t put a price tag on love, right?

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[Source and image: GSM Arena